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PUBG Announces NFT Integration Through This Collaboration

Banger and PUBG announce NFT Integration into their systems. The update is plann to go online no earlier than 2023. The blockchain component of the development will be handle by Banger, a platform specialized in integrating non-fungible coins into the networks of various games.

Even though 2022 may not be the ideal year for non-fungible tokens, the gaming industry is looking forward to their integration. Participants who register for the alpha test are automatically eligible for a one-of-a-kind Banger digital collectible when PUBG announce NFT integration.

Issues with Banger Alpha Testing

In License to Kill, players are allow to murder as many people as they want. In the game world, a player’s status improves with each kill. As you explore the virtual globe and kill other players, your score will improve.

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In Kill Frenzy, similar principles apply, but the player is free to run over enemies without keeping track of their numbers. The same rule applies: The player with the most points is the one who runs over the most people. Lastly, Ghost Killer includes a sniper that requires players to eliminate foes from a distance. The player who makes a shot from the farthest possible distance will score the most points.

PUBG looking for a white-label platform

The number of frauds involving blockchain technology is growing. However, building and maintaining the function internally is dangerous. Consequently, gaming firms such as PUBG are constantly looking for a white-label platform that can handle NFT Integration as well as its security and ongoing maintenance.

The gaming industry is continually integrating NFTs to enhance the engagement and interactivity of the virtual world. Players’ desire to possess a virtual asset has been observe. When Banger integrates NFT into the PUBG ecosystem, both companies will be put to the test.

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