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ChatGPT: How Does It Work?

The ChatGPT chatbot, which uses AI (artificial intelligence), has taken the world by storm. Many of us know that the platform can do amazing things. Paul Buccheit, who made Gmail for Google, said in December 2022 that the chatbot could take over the search engine giant in two years.

OpenAI, an American company started in 2015 by Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and others made the chatbot. Many people don’t know how the chatbot works, even though ChatGPT makes the search engine game more interesting. Now that we know that, let’s find out…

How does ChatGPT work?

Around the end of 2022, the chatbot became popular, but most of the technology it uses has been around for much longer with much less attention. The ChatGPT model is based on GPT-3, which stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3” or, more specifically, “GPT-3.5.” GPT-3 is the third AI model in the GPT line. It comes after GPT-2 and GPT. Even though the earlier versions of the model still work, GPT-3 and the improved GPT-3.5 performance work much better.

The GPT language model has been taught to use information from the internet. Also, the goal is for it to write text in human language when given a prompt. The model was trained with bits and pieces of information from all over the internet, like Reddit, Twitter, and Wikipedia. The designers use Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback to reduce harmful, false, or biased outputs (RLHF).

After being given a lot of text downloaded from the internet, the model can answer questions. But its accuracy won’t be good enough. Human teachers test the model and give the best answer for each question. Then, it uses the information to better answer questions in a way that sounds like what a person would say. This is how ChatGPT can make answers sound like they came from a natural person and are usually correct, logical, and engaging.

Future of the AI chatbot

Microsoft has put a lot of money into the chatbot, and the technology is said to be going into its Bing search engine. Also, AI researchers say that Bing might be able to beat Google’s longtime dominance by giving users a better search experience.

You can’t get away from AI. The digital future will be set by how intelligent machines are. There are also rumors that AI could answer some of the most interesting questions about where humans came from, what consciousness is, and what reality is. No matter what, it seems pretty clear that humans will soon be led by the AI they have made.

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