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 5 of Top DeFi Blockchain Games to Follow in 2023

What are Defi Games?

“DeFi” is made up of the words “decentralized” and “finance.” As the name might suggest, the games don’t have one person in charge. A public blockchain keeps track of every transaction made during the game. Most of the time, these games use NFTs to represent in-game items and have a business model called “play to earn.” Non-fungible tokens can be bought at the game’s market or any other marketplace like OpenSea. The NFT assets can be traded inside the game.

Defi Blockchain Games can also have crypto tokens that are unique to them. The game has no central place where these tokens can be traded. Players can make money by betting on what they have. You can buy things inside the game with the in-game money. Think of Minecraft or the well-known board game Monopoly, but with blockchain technology. The game’s economy works entirely independently, without any higher-ups’ interference.

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Here are the top 5 DeFi Blockchain Games to watch in 2023

  1.       Illuvium
  2.       Star Atlas
  3.       MOBOX
  4.       X World Games
  5.       CyberKongz

1. Illuvium

The Ethereum blockchain created Illuvium, a fantasy battle game with an open environment. Illuvium, the first AAA game on Ethereum, is intended to be enjoyable for casual players and die-hard DeFi fans by allowing users to gather and exchange things. The game combines PVP warfare with open-world exploration. Players can explore the large gaming environment or construct a squad of formidable monsters.

2. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a great strategy video game set in space that uses the Solana blockchain. It takes place in the far future, in the year 2,620, and is a massively multiplayer metaverse. The gaming platform uses Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite to make games and visual experiences that look like movies. On the Star Atlas metaverse, players can trade, buy, and make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can only be used in the Star Atlas universe. This is possible because the Star Atlas universe has an economy miming the physical nature, right of ownership, and value of real-world assets. It is one of Defi’s most popular games.


MOBOX is a community-run platform that empowers its members by rewarding them for participating and having fun. The MOBOX Protocol enables pay-to-win, free-to-play games like GameFi. It combines the most advantageous characteristics of yield farming DeFi and gaming NFTs. MOBOX is a community-run platform that empowers its members by rewarding them for participating and having fun. Make GameFi a completely free-to-play and play-to-earn BSC-based ecosystem. But MOBOX has developed a strategy that combines the most beneficial aspects of DeFi Yield Farming and Gaming NFTs.

4. X World Games

In 2019, X World Games began. The Binance Smart Chain is a decentralized gaming ecosystem. The X World Games (XWG) tokens can be earned by playing and making several cutting-edge games. It is a multiplayer builder game where anyone can buy and own digital dream cards, collect and make fun things, and make new friends through the community and battles. The X World Games ecosystem for users and creators comprises four parts. But they are also the game, a market, a person who makes cards, and someone who collects cards.

5. CyberKongz

On March 3, 2021, digital artist myoo showed off his CyberKongz NFT collection, which was all about gorillas. But he kept going and sold 1,000 “Genesis” Kongz for just ETH 0.01 each. People quickly figured out that pixelated Kongz made great profile pictures. It also gave the project a boost. The Kongz have gone from being NFT profile pictures to a mature community project with many use cases and niche features. This has made them more valuable and created a lot of buzz about how they could grow. People who own Cyberkongz can join private groups, get airdrops, and access alpha. It is a play-to-win NFT game.

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