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Two Criminals in Dubai Go to Jail for Robbing Bitcoin Investors 

Two thieves reportedly tricked an Asian investor and his friend with a fake bitcoin scheme and Robbed nearly $50,000, three phones, and documents from them.

The Criminal Court put the people who did wrong in jail for three years and told them they had to leave the country when they got out.

Robbing Bitcoin in Dubai

According to current reports, the attack occurred in the Mankhool neighborhood of Dubai in July of last year. Then, an unidentified individual and his friend decided to invest in bitcoin and sought assistance from a dubious promoter.

After receiving a phone call, the broker visited the home of one of the investors and demanded to see the cash value of the cryptocurrencies the victims wished to purchase. He then offered to return in 15 minutes with someone who would sell them Bitcoin.

The purchasers waited in the residence for several minutes before hearing a knock at the door and observing the entry of two intruders. They assaulted the victims and stole the bag, which contained approximately $50,000, Dh183,000, three mobile phones, bank checks, and documents. They also threatened one of the investors with death.

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Local law enforcement officials initiated an investigation and arrested the suspects. The Dubai Criminal Court imposed a three-year prison term and a fine equal to the amount of money taken. The authorities have also ordered the deportation of the criminals upon their release from prison.

Case of Tuenti’s Founder

Last year, American computer scientist and founder of Tuenti Technologies Zaryn Dentzel was attacked in a similar manner. Five thieves assaulted him in his Madrid home and tortured him until he revealed the password to his bitcoin holdings.

The culprits allegedly bound Dentzel and assaulted him for hours. The victim did not give them the private keys until they began cutting him and even shocking him with electricity.

The American later stated he had bitcoin worth “millions of euros.” In addition to the cryptocurrency cache, the thieves fled with cell phones, laptops, and tablets.

“After cleaning up the tracks, which included spraying the victims with cleaning agents, they exited the apartment individually,” the complaint states.

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Nearly a year passed before the National Police of Spain made any arrests in connection with the case. Three males and one lady, believed to be emigrants from Eastern Europe, were apprehended by law enforcement a month ago.

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