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Ethereum Validator Nodes Will Be Installed In Buenos Aires In 2023

Diego FERNNDEZ, the city’s secretary for innovation and digital transformation, announced on Thursday at the ETHLatam conference that Buenos Aires intends to launch Ethereum validator nodes in 2023. The project will assist the three million-person metropolis in creating flexible regulations for cryptocurrencies and has both regulatory and research objectives, according to Fernández.

One of the first places in the world where the government will set up an Ethereum node, or a computer running Ethereum client software, will be Buenos Aires. The deployment of nodes, according to Fernández, will happen within a legal sandbox that has been given the go-ahead by the Buenos Aires legislature for 2021. The city of Buenos Aires will solicit assistance from private parties for node deployment through the sandbox.

He did not say how many nodes will be installed by the city, but he did say that they would be housed in “world-class” data centers run by the Buenos Aires government. Buenos Aires has previously experimented with cryptocurrencies. In order to provide city citizens authority over their personal data, TangoID, a blockchain-based digital identity platform, has been in development since March, according to Fernández. The platform will be operational in January 2023, he noted.

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