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What is Internet browser-Based Crypto Mining?

Mining is one of the activities in the crypto and blockchain industries that uses the most resources. Even though miners aren’t making much money in the current market, things have sometimes been better. When everything goes right, and the market is in your favor, crypto mining is a very profitable business.

But mining sometimes costs less than it does now. Back when Bitcoin (BTC) was cheap, it was common for people to mine crypto using an internet browser. Also, the practice only needed a little heavy gear. It all began in 2011 when launched its one-of-a-kind service. People thought that browser-based crypto mining was dead, but it made a surprising comeback in the second half of 2017 as the popularity of cryptocurrencies grew.

What is Internet browser-based crypto mining?

Internet browser-Based Crypto Mining, as the name suggests, is done over the internet using your web browser. Javascript language is used for Crypto minning in this method. In contrast to the more common file-based way of mining cryptocurrency, this method doesn’t need special software.

When browser mining started in 2011, it was cheap and user-friendly. People could sign up and add scripts to their websites to let others mine for them. Pooled mining was done with JavaScript code. Back then, browser-based cryptocurrency miners could only mine Bitcoin (BTC) (BTC). But recently, newer cryptos like Monero have also been mined with browser-based miners.

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How does browser mining work?

One way to increase mining power is to add mining code to websites and use the computers of people who visit those sites. By using the computers of people who visit a website, browser mining also helps miners save money on hardware and energy.

Monero is a cryptocurrency that can be mined by using a browser. RandomX, a hashing method used by several Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchains, is used by the coin.

People looking for different ways to make money are increasingly interested in this creative method. However, we can also use browser mining to run scripts that mine cryptocurrency on unsuspecting users. Cryptojacking also called mining without the user’s explicit permission, is often done by putting JavaScript code on a website or mobile app. Users should be careful about the websites and apps they use and the permissions they give them to prevent this from happening.

For example, CryptoTab Browser is a third-party service that users can install to get started. Crypto mining can also be investigated using the Brave browser. Users can also use decentralized apps with the Brave browser (Dapps). 

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